How do I make a call?

In order to make a call:

1) Launch the Addaline app and sign in.
2) On the dialer screen, enter the number you would like to dial and click call.
3) Either use Internet call or Carrier call. You can read more about them here:

What is the difference between a Carrier call and an Internet call?

The call is now initiated.

Common problems:

1) I only hear a dial tone:
- Make sure you have a working data-connection on your phone such as 3G, WiFi or another connection.

2) It tries to call my Addaline number when I use Carrier call:

- That is the way our service works. It will call your Addaline number and then forward the call to the intended destination. So, in the end you will reach the number you actually entered. 

3) It doesn't call the number I entered when using Carrier call:
- Make sure you entered your real phone number correctly. It needs to be the number of the phone you are using the App on. You can change the number in the App under: More > Call settings.

4) It doesn't call the number I entered when I use Carrier call:
- Make sure you are not calling from a real phone number that has hidden / blocked caller ID enabled. Addaline needs to see your real phone number for the system to work.

Please contact our support if this does not resolve the problem.

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