How to start using Addaline

Welcome to Addaline!

In order to start using your new number for calling & texting please follow the below guide:

1) When you signed up we sent your login information to your e-mail, please make sure you received that e-mail and keep the information at hand. Check the SPAM-folder if you did not receive the email.

2) Download the Addaline application to your smart phone. Click the link for your phone below:

iPhone download

Android download

3) After you launched the App and logged in, test our service by calling your Addaline number from a friends phone and see that it rings on your real phone. If it does not, please make sure that you provided the correct phone number to us during sign up. You can always change the number under More > Call settings, in the App.

4) Start calling and texting with your new number!

We have written two separate guides for that here:

How to make and receive calls

How to send and receive texts

Now you are all set! Please contact our support should you have any other questions or concerns at

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