What is the difference between Internet call and Carrier call?

When you make an outbound call in the Addaline app you are presented with two choices:

1) Internet (Data) Call

2) Carrier (Minutes) Call

The choice is there to allow you to get the best possible call quality and reduce any mobile carrier charges.


Internet call:

When choosing Internet call, the call will be placed using the internet/data connection on your mobile phone. The person you are calling will not know any difference, they will receive a real call just like any other call. Another scenario is if you are travelling abroad and you are on a WiFi, you can then make calls without any international roaming charges. If you have a bad data connection, you should not utilize Internet calling.


Carrier call:

When choosing Carrier call, the call will be placed using the normal calling feature with your mobile carrier. This is equivalent to you making a phone call to your Addaline number. If you do not have free/unlimited minutes with your carrier there might be a charge for calling your Addaline number from your mobile carrier. If you have no data connection or a bad one, the recommended choice is to place a Carrier call.


* Regardless of which choice you make, your real phone number will never be visible. We always show your Addaline number when you make an outbound call.

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