How does an Addaline number protect my privacy?

Using Addaline, your real phone number is protected and will not be shared by us. We do not disclose who the account holder is to anyone and do everything in our power to protect your privacy.

There are some circumstances that could lead to your real phone number being disclosed. The reasons and remedies for them are listed below:

1) You have enabled call forwarding and your real voicemail discloses your number

If you have call forwarding enabled to your real phone number and your real phone number's voicemail discloses your real number, then your number will not be private. The solution to this is either to record a custom voicemail on your real number, or enable an Addaline voicemail on your number or disabling call forwarding.

Enable voicemail in the app under: More > My numbers > Voicemail

Manage call forwarding: More > Call settings

2) We receive an information request from a law enforcement agency

We do comply with local regulations and the law in respective countries. If we receive a request (usually a subpoena) from a law enforcement agency requesting the account holder information, we will comply.


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