How it works: Do Not Disturb & Scheduling

Do not Disturb (DnD)

DnD allows you to set a schedule / hours of operation for a number. You can send incoming calls during certain hours of the day to the voicemail or forward it to some other number.

When DnD is enabled, incoming calls and incoming texts (SMS) will not generate any notification. This comes in handy if you want to silence all incoming communication during an important meeting or over the weekend etc.

When you enable DnD you get a choice to enable it for a few different durations or until you manually turn it off. 

DnD scheduling

If you want to turn on/off DnD according to a schedule you can do so by clicking the DnD row. Click the "Add schedule" to create a schedule.

Example: If you want to create a schedule that:

- Turns on DnD at 5.00 PM every weekday until 8.00 AM the following day, and

- Turns on DnD the whole day during weekends

then it would look like the following:



Enabled numbers

Clicking on the DnD row takes you to the settings. Under the settings you can uncheck/deselect any numbers you want to exclude from DnD mode and scheduling. For example, you might have several numbers and for one of the numbers you want to generate notifications even when DnD is enabled. To accomplish this, just uncheck the number and it will not be affected by DnD nor schedules.



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